Woolworths, Engen and Nampak team up to launch a new recycling initiative

Recycling needs to be a way of life for all of us.  Cape Town’s landfill sites are filling up far too fast (likely to reach capacity within the next 8 years!) and if we don’t buck up and start separating our waste (never mind producing less of it in the first place), we’re going to be in trouble.

Happily, it just got a little bit easier for the busier folk amongst us to get our recycling done… last week I was invited to the launch of a new initiative that aims to make it increasingly convenient for all of us:

Woolworths and Engen have installed recycling facilities for paper, cardboard, glass and plastic at selected Engen service stations in the Western Cape as part of their commitment to reducing landfill waste and protecting the environment.

The recycling pilot project is being run in partnership with Nampak who will collect the waste as part of its existing recycling routes and distribution networks and ensure it is recycled.  

It’s a win-win situation:  we get easy and convenient access to regularly maintained recycling facilities, Engen and Woolies get custom in the form of petrol top-ups and food purchases, as well as the green kudos linked to this kind of project.

The current installation is a trial run, being conducted at 8 sites around Cape Town – with a view to rolling the recycling facilities out across the country.

Pilot sites at Engen service stations:

  • Sunset Beach – Otto Du Plessis Drive, Sunset Beach
  • Edgemead – 7 Edgemead Drive, Edgemead
  • Welgemoed –  Jip De Jager Drive, Welgemoed
  • Tokai Service Station – 226 Main Road, Retreat
  • Blackheath –  Buttskop Road, Blackheath
  • Motorport, Constantia – Constantia Village Shopping Centre, Constantia Road
  • Meadowridge, Bergvliet – 142 Ladies Mile Road, Meadowridge 
  • Paradyskloof, Stellenbosch – Blaauwklippen Road, Stellenbosch

The whole project makes so much sense it’s almost surprising that this hasn’t happened before… So, no more excuses for anyone who’s not already in the habit – it really couldn’t be easier!


  • Alison says:

    More details! Has the collection stated? What types of materials are they taking? Do they have to be sorted? Where can we find out more?

  • yeah it’s great but only for those with their own transport. We should really have these initiatives in our communities.

  • Emma Donovan says:

    This is a fantastic initiative – hats off to Woolies, Engen and Nampak. Hopefully it will inspire other organisations to embark on similar projects so that it can become more wide-spread and accessible to a larger proportion of South Africans.

  • Jeanne says:

    That is such a great start! I remember trying to recycle in PE in the mid 90s (everybody thought I was insane). I’d have to go to a Sappi bin at a nearby school for the paper & card; to a lone plastic bin at a shopping mall a long way away; and risk life and limb at the dump for the glass recycling bins. the argiment was that having the glass recycling bins in the nice residential neighbourhoods was messy and attracted vagrats looking for deposit bottles… They could hardly have made it more difficult, and as a legacy, almost nobody I know there recycles!
    .-= Jeanne´s last blog ..Chickpea salad with tomatoes, basil and feta =-.

  • Pia Taylor says:

    @Alison: yes, it has started – and they’re taking glass, plastic and tins. There are 3 bins that are clearly marked as to what you can put in them. As far as different types of plastic goes, I’m not too sure… but I’ll find out!

    @Joy-Mari: Sure, it’s only just the beginning – and it would be great if there were more similar initiatives in communities as well. Hopefully if this is successful, that will be the next step.

    @Emma: Totally agree! The more we all recycle, the better. And it needs to be done by everyone – not just those living in the leafy suburbs.

    @Jeanne: Well done for risking life and limb… at least these days it’s becoming quite the in thing to recycle, instead of being an unwanted addition to the street. But I guess it also has to do with being regularly maintained, and having someone watch over the site, so that it doesn’t get messy.

  • Lizelle says:

    I’m so glad that recycling is finally taken seriously in SA!! But could the bins in Buttskop Rd Blackheath please be emptied? they are overflowing! Thanks a mill!!

  • Lizelle says:

    Thanks you for emptying the containers at Buttskop Rd Blackheath! Very much appreciated! Another request please. Upon my weekly trip there yesterday I had to watch my step (wore flip-flops) as there were broken glass everywhere around the containers. I would also like my kids to tag along since sorting the material will be fun as well as educational for them. Therefore I kindly request that this area please be kept clean. Another future problem will be when winter arrives, since the containers are standing on grass/sand. It will become muddy thus slippery. Maybe errecting a “platform” to place these on can be seen as a solution? Thank you again for taking this Initiative! God bless!

  • Lesley says:

    The container at Paradyskloof, Blaauwklippen Road, Stellenbosch is very seldom emptied. One can drive around for weeks with newspapers & plastic bottles without being able to drop them off here.

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