Knead Bakery: Artisan Bread in the City Bowl

Knead Bakery

A friend of mine recently gave me a ‘headsup’ about a brand new bakery in the city bowl.

Now I don’t tend to get too excited about bread and pastries, because I’m one of those sorry souls who’s ‘wheat intolerant’ and therefore can’t (or shouldn’t) indulge in too much of it, but this bakery sounds like just what the city needs.

It’s called ‘Knead Bakery’, and as the name implies, they have a very hands-on approach to bread-making.

They make what they call ‘artisan bread’ – bread that has been carefully made, by hand, by an artisan craftsperson trained in the art of mixing, fermenting, shaping and baking a loaf of bread.

“Crusty, rounded, slashed by hand and baked directly on the floor of the oven…”

I’m drooling already.

I’ve not been there myself, as yet, but as my friend has not stopped talking about that loaf of rye, I have no doubt I’ll be stopping in there some time soon.

You can find Knead Bakery in Wembley Square, Mackenzie Street, Gardens.


  • Dave says:

    I’m gonna track it down on the weekend! Yum – I’ve been longing for a proper bakery in town… Charley’s in Roeland Street is pretty good too tho.
    Congrats on the domain by the way! And thanks for the link:-)!!

  • Dre says:

    Yeah – I’ve got some good loaves from there before. Tastey indeed.

  • Betty Collins says:

    At last I found in adelaide, Australia, a bread that tasted like home.
    This was labelled ‘Knead it” Bakery and is a mixed rye and wheat loaf with the unmistakeable flavour of Cape sourdough. Marvellous.
    Years ago, Duens made a marvellous wheat flour sourdough loaf.
    Here, they have ‘sourdough’ bread, San Francisco sourdough bread – but none of them have that flavour.

    How can I obtain a plain wheat sourdough here???

  • Chris Gaag says:

    Hey Knead has got the best bread in CT and a must have for any bread lover.

  • Colleen says:

    Knead is opening up a store in the new building in Muizenberg at Surfers Corner I believe. I am not sure if they are already open or still to open!!! 🙂

  • Pia Taylor says:

    Yes, I can’t wait! I live down that side, so it’ll be somewhat more convenient than Wembley Square… they also, as I recently discovered, have a stall at the Porter Estate Produce Market every Saturday (which is how I found out about the new store)…. mmmmmmm… artisan bread around the corner – could life get any better?

  • Danni says:

    I just went to Knead at Surfers Corner – soooo good, definately going to become my regular.

  • Dominic says:

    Hi Guys!

    Great comments. Nice to get some commentary from you. Eat (Knead’s next is opening in Wembley Square shortly. Will keep you posted, otherwise keep your eyes peeled!

  • I bought a sour dough bread today at the old biscuit mill wowwww I was to embarased to ask why the bread is soooo eaxpensive R25.00 for one bread I think it is ver much overpriced who do you cater for???? I think I need to frame the bread because of its price and I bought 2 one for myself and one for my daughter R50 bucks later for 2 bread. its a bit to much.

  • Pia Taylor says:

    Well, the reason you’re paying more for a loaf of knead bread is that it’s made from scratch, from the very best materials, by skilled artisan breadmakers. The whole process takes longer, requires more to be spent on ingredients, and tastes so much better than something thrown together and bunged haphazardly into an oven. Well, in my opinion, it tastes better. I presume you tasted the bread after all that – would you still say it wasn’t worth the extra money?

  • Ryan Faull says:

    Hi Pia

    I would firstly like to say thank you very much for all the great comments and support.The Knead Team Appreciates your loyalty and Comforting support and we would love to invite you to one of our stores (muizenberg or wembley) for some Artisan Coffee and Cake.Please could you contact me at so to arrange this.
    Many Thanks

    Ryan And Evan Faull

  • Shelley Grobler says:

    I`m from Durban, coming to Cape Town weekend of the 27th March and so looking forwardnto visiting Knead Bakery. Have read so much about it in TASTE magazine. Luckily am staying in Gardens area.

  • Pia says:

    Hey Shelley
    I’m sure you will love it! Wembley Square is a wonderful space, with fabulous places to eat. Have fun!

  • Ryan Faull says:

    Dear Shelley Grobler

    We will be looking forward to your visit ,please let us know when you will be coming ,as we would like to make your visit a special one. It is great to have fellow South Africans coming from all parts to experience what we are passionate about. hope to hear from you soon ,please feel free to contact us with any questions or bookings. (0214624183)

    Many Thanks
    Ryan Faull
    Manager Knead Bakery

  • Ryan Faull says:

    Hey Pia

    Thank You once again for your on going support. please let me know when you are in the wembley area for another visit.

    Until then keep well

    Many Thanks
    Ryan Faull

  • Lynette says:

    I work at ELLE Magazine in Wembley Square and eat from Knead most days – the chicken and mushroom pie, the chicken paninis and the olive sticks are to die for. The Pizza and salads too. Actually EVERYTHING is really great.
    Well worth a visit.

  • Ryan Faull says:




  • Ismail says:

    The management of Knead Bakery in Muizenberg seems neither to know nor care about its customers.

    My six year old daughter and I were put on a waiting list AFTER people who had arrived AFTER us, which I overlooked. The last straw came when people who were put on the list after us were seated BEFORE us. It seems the manager thought a father and daughter were not good enough to be seated like everyone else.

    I will never return and would not recommend that anyone else tries this most inconsiderate customer UN-friendly place.

    Rating: ZERO!

  • Craig says:

    I have only good things to say about the Knead bakery in Muizenberg beach (surfers corner) – I have been there a few times, luckily I live fairly close.

    I hope you visit again and that their bad service was only a minor blip on what is an excellent, friendly and relaxing place to enjoy a coffee.

  • Pia Taylor says:

    @Ismail – I’m sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. I haven’t been there that often (I don’t live nearby), but I’ve never had an unpleasant experience there. I have had to wait quite a bit, but I’ve never really minded too much, being by the beach ‘n’ all. Still, I hope you do go back one day, and give them another chance!

  • Lizette says:

    I have always had a positive experience at Knead. I’m curious to know if maybe the people who were seated before you, were perhaps in groups of a different number. Sometimes there will be an available table for, say, 5 people but not one ready for 2 people, in a restaurant. Then it can happen that people behind one in a queue can get seated before one. Very annoying I realise! But actually quite practical. Perhaps that was the case?
    .-= Lizette´s last blog ..Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs =-.

  • claudia says:

    The bread at knead is good but their coffee is horrible!! I find the staff at muizenberg very good. Friendly and efficient. But the coffee is indescribable and ruins a good experience.

  • Pia Taylor says:

    Hi Claudia. Was it just the once that you had a bad cup, or has it happened more often? I’ve always had excellent coffee there, though admittedly I’m at the Muizenberg branch less often than I am at the Wembley Square one… I do usually order the double shot version of their flat white, rather than their default single shot – but that’s because I like it strong (the taste has always been great). What was it that was wrong with yours (too bitter, too frothy, etc)? I’m sure they would appreciate the feedback.

  • Tatenda says:

    Hi all…I just wanna say to everyone who’s had a Knead experience and left with a smiling face, We Knead people like you. Thank you for being addicted to our divine breads and everything we have to offer. Keep up the cravings. And i can promise you, there’s always something special happening so make a date with us and you will not be disappointed. we’re on fire!!
    See you there 🙂


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