Galileo Open Air Cinema at Kirstenbosch

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Everyone loves heading to Kirstenbosch on a summer Sunday for their open air concerts – and soon you can spend evenings there during the week, too. On the 21st of November 2012, the Galileo Open Air Cinema will make its debut and visitors will be invited to enjoy a ‘memorable movie experience under a ceiling of stars’, all set, of course, against the ‘spectacular backdrop of Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens’.

Each week a movie or documentary from different, but recurring film genre:
1st  week of the month: Documentaries
2nd week of the month: Best Foreign
3rd  week of the month: Adventure Sports
4th  week of the month: All-Time Classics

The cinema will run once a week (usually on Wednesday evenings), every week from November to April, and I have to say the programme looks very well chosen, with must-see-again movies like Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump and Amelie and thought-provoking doccies like Food Inc and Gasland.

Food vendors will be at hand before the show, selling ‘delicious healthy snacks’, so it sounds like the food choices will be good. And I love the way they structure their tickets:

galileo tickets

Drizzle does not mean cancellation, but rain does, in which case the movie will be screened the following night. If it rains then, too, you’ll be refunded.

I think it sounds like a truly magical way to spend a summer evening, and Kirstenbosch at night is one of my very favourite places. I wouldn’t be surprised if tickets for these movies will be in particularly high demand. Ticket sales for each movie open 2 weeks beforehand, and of course numbers are limited – so if you’re keen be sure to book early.

Can’t. Wait.

Galileo Open Air Cinema at Kirstenbosch – Event Details:

Where: Marquee Lawn, Kirstenbosch (just to the left as you enter Gate 2)
When: Usually Wednesday evenings (rain may shift it by a day) from 7.30pm (entry into the gardens free with movie ticket from 6pm).
Cost: From R60 online, from R70 if purchased at the gate (provided it’s not sold out).

For more details and up to date programme, visit or call 071 471 8728.


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  • @CapeGail says:

    Wondering what you can do in Cape Town, Here’s a suggestion:

  • Huenu Solsona says:

    Pia, you’re the best! Thank you – this is awesome.

  • Pia Taylor says:

    A pleasure! I can’t wait – I think it sounds absolutely fantastic 🙂

  • A great summer experience RT “@africanrelish: Galileo Open Air Cinema at Kirstenbosch

  • Cape Town my awesome city! Galileo Open Air Cinema at Kirstenbosch

  • Fran says:

    Sorry to dampen the mood but this is outrageously expensive.

    Who exactly can afford such prices? Where is the effort to include everyone in the city?

    I love Kirstenbosch and always support everything they do but not this time.

  • Pia Taylor says:

    I don’t find it outrageous at all… It’s an experience – something memorable. At a guess, each event requires a fresh setup, so those costs would need to be covered, plus the once-off movie rental (cinemas pay for a movie and can play it several times in a row, as far as I know), extra security, marketing and so on. Plus, it includes entry to the garden, and there’s quite a lot of time between being able to go in (5pm) and when the movie starts (7.30pm-ish), so you can get good value by having a look around before the movie. I think it’s great, and plan to go as often as I can!

  • Fran says:

    Although I don’t agree with all your cost points, I hear what you say, Pia, but my point is that it is yet another event (or series of events) that the poor, i.e. the majority of Capetonians, can’t afford.

  • Tim says:

    Oh fran, stop already! I can’t afford many things, doesn’t mean that those who can shouldn’t be able to as a result if me! And there is fair warning for those who need to save (as I will have to) to budget for what will hopefully be an awesome evening out doing something a little bit different…

  • @MissKeeks says:

    @devono Have you seen this? Possibly add to the calendar this season? “Kirstenbosch launches Open Air Cinema 21 Nov –

  • Mila says:

    So Fran… do you expect people to start a business, with all the costs involved thereof, and do it just for charity? Would it not be better if we had more entrepreneurs like this who started these kinds of businesses which could offer JOBS to the people who don’t have money so that they can have a better standard of living? Or how do you plan on offering jobs with a business that makes no money? And who said that this event is targeted to the poor? Why should it be? The only way a business can help the poor is by making money so that it can later on maybe develop a CSI project or donate to charity or something. But you cannot donate or help if you don’t have anything to give. A business needs to make money – it’s as simple as that. Please think before posting something so absolutely ridiculous like “outrageously expensive” at R60 per ticket! You have obviously never in your life ran a business – and you are totally wrong anyway… this is one of the cheapest outdoor cinemas in the world! I went to the one in Sydney and do you know how much it was? R325! So… please… give me a break! That’s such an ignorant comment.

  • @MIONKEYBOT says:

    Galileo Open Air Cinema at Kirstenbosch #capetown #summer

  • Sue says:

    I agree that R60 is a reasonable amount to pay for a single ticket(without the other ‘extras’). However,if you are a family of 6(who would also like to enjoy what Cape Town has to offer), it does become pretty expensive.I have triplets plus a singleton who are teenagers.We try to expose them as much to outdoor and cultural activities as we can. but it just gets too darn expensive ! Perhaps the organisers could put together a family package at a slightly reduced price? Just a suggestion.

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