Edgemead Christmas Market 2011

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The Edgemead Christmas Market is one of the bigger Christmas Markets in Cape Town, and always the one about which I get the most queries.  I still haven’t been, but this December I will definitely be checking it out.

In my view, there are so many good reasons to shop at markets rather than at malls, and the popularity this year of Christmas markets seems to echo this sentiment. Let’s buy local, guys!

According to organisers, each year information is sent to more than one thousand crafters throughout the Western Cape. A selection process then takes place and two hundred of the “Cape’s Finest Crafters” are selected to take part in the Edgemead Christmas Market.

You will find everything here that your heart desires from delicious foodstuffs, jewellery, handcrafted leather and wrought iron, to glassware, mosaics, teddy bears and lots more! This market only happens once a year – don’t miss it!

Credit and debit card facilities are available at all pay points.

Edgemead Christmas Market – Event Details:

When: Friday 9th – Thursday 22nd Dec 2011. Open every day 10am – 8pm, including Sundays.
Where: Community Hall in Edgemead Drive, off Bosmansdam Road, Edgemead (GPS Coordinates: 33°52’48″ S, 18°32’32″ E). Directions here.
Cost of entry: free
Contact details: Janet Hammer (Admin Manager) / edgemeadmarket@gmail.com /084 882 7546


  • Yolanda says:

    I do not like these markets at all, the organisers take up to 40 % of the sales and that is what you pay more for the same stuff you would buy anywhere else on a normal Christmas market.

    I can’t understand that people pay R 200 for a simple keyring with the value of R 80. But they are so stupid and do it?

  • Pia Taylor says:

    Hi Yolanda
    Presumably traders make money from it, or they wouldn’t apply for a stand? And I would say that if people are willing to pay R200 for a simple keyring, that is their choice – as long they feel it is of value, then the price really is immaterial. 40% does seem a rather steep fee, though, I must say – I hope that is not the norm.

    The advantage of a big market like this (for shoppers) is having the option to browse so many different stands in one go. I personally prefer the smaller markets where you get a chance to chat to the creators, but then being a freelancer, I usually have the flexi-time to wander and find these markets, where many do not (or do but would prefer to use their time for other things).

    I haven’t visited the Edgemead Market yet, so don’t have a personal view on this particular setup – but am planning to go this year, to see what it’s really like.

  • Siranne says:

    I go every year and I love it! My mother-in-law gets so excited every year when it’s time to go to the market again!

  • Cherie says:


    This year I decided to be a exhibitor at 3 markets and if your work is priced well you sell more. So for those who do charge R80 a key ring won’t sell as much and I don’t think it is good honest business. An item is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
    These markets normally take between 10-17% commission on all sales. Depending where it is.
    I do fully understand why as you see all the admin that goes into arranging markets and staff that needs to be paid. Renting of a venue and other equipment.
    I am very happy paying the commission and have no complains. I do love these markets, would love to see more variety though!

  • trix lombard says:

    Moved from Free State. I am a crafter lookinhg for info about crafTers markets

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