Eat Out The Box: the artisans of take away

Take-out.  Fast food.  It’s something I hardly ever experience these days.  As a budding Slow Foodie, I prefer to know that what I’m eating has been made from ingredients that are locally sourced, sustainably produced and, in the case of meat, at the very least free range.  Which makes me rather picky, I suppose, and certainly keeps me well away from most ‘fast food’, with its processed products, preservatives, additives, colourants and other unfriendlies.

But I’ve discovered that not all take-aways are necessarily ‘fast food’.   I’ve discovered there can be ‘artisans of take away’.

Eat Out The Box‘ is a new Wynberg-based company offering a take away service that will blow your mind.  On the surface, the menu looks like most other take aways… pizzas, pastas burgers, more pizzas.  But how often are burgers served with ‘oven roasted potato wedges, sprayed with rosemary-infused olive oil and sprinkled with west coast sea salt’?

And have you ever been given a choice of rye with your burger (rye roll), pizza (rye base) or pasta (wheat-free fettucine)*?

Here’s what got me excited in the first place:

We love food!
Freshly prepared by hand,
without adding artificial colourants or preservatives,
just quality ingredients cooked with passion!

Eat Out The Box was born from the idea of bringing that passion and handcrafted attention into the busy lives of our consumers. We understand how difficult it is to work all day and still provide your family with meals that are healthy, tasty and balanced. We want to provide our EATers with healthier options when choosing to have food delivered…

We are a food delivery kitchen bringing you a range of restaurant quality foods including crispy, wood-fired, thin-based pizzas, moreish pastas, out-of-this-world burgers and the freshest salads, all delivered straight to your door by our funky delivery dudes. We have made it our mission to bring our EATers traditional take-away food that we all love to EAT by handcrafting our dishes using the finest local ingredients and adding nothing but fresh herbs, spices, a pinch of love and a healthy dose of passion!

Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Well, I tried it, and it IS true.  Just over a week ago I took up the offer of a voucher (and delivery outside their usual zones) to give their service a try – and it was fantastic.  It was so good, in fact, that my normally reticent fella swore appreciatively as he tucked into his beef lasagne, whilst I sighed happily as I crunched through my paper-thin rye-based pizza… (both still piping hot when they arrived).

The quality is outstanding:

All our produce is the freshest and finest quality available.  We choose organic whenever possible.  All our chicken is free range, and all our meat and vegetables are sourced locally (we support our local farmers).

So just how expensive is this gourmet experience, you might be wondering?  Incredibly, it’s not.  Burgers start at R31 (Beef Burger with 100% pure steak mince), pizzas at R37 (Margherita with homemade tomato base), pastas also at R37 (Napolitana sauce with parmesan).  There are also some great salad options, ranging from a simple Greek Salad to something called a ‘Castaway’ (calamari tubes, roasted red pepper, feta and more…)

And, for kids, there are special sized portions of simple pastas and pizzas priced between R22 and R36.

But wait, there’s more.  Not only do Eat Out The Box make great food, they care about the environment as well.  Their pizza boxes are made from recycled paper and their food containers are supplied by Green Home, a supplier of biodegradable and compostable food packaging products.  Fab-u-lous!

I really really like what these guys are doing, and hope they do very well indeed.  Because whilst I wouldn’t eat take-out all the time, it’s awesome to know that now there’s a way to do so that’s not only affordable, but delicious and comparatively earth-friendly as well.

Eat Out The Box is located at 70 Constantia Road, Wynberg and currently delivers to Harfield Villiage, Kenilworth, Wynberg, Plumstead, Constantia, Bergvliet and Diepriver. You can order online or call 021 761 9839.  They are open and start delivering from 5pm and take their last orders at 9:30pm.

*PS. In case my fellow wheat-intolerants are wondering:

With regard to our rye options, our pizza bases are 50% rye, our burger rolls are 40% and our wheat free fettuccini is 100% wheat and gluten free. We are in the process of developing a higher percentage rye pizza base however working with rye flour is quite tricky and takes a lot of trial and error to get the desired consistency and flavour. We get our burger rolls from Knead Bakery… and we make our own lasagna sheets as well as our own burger patties.

PPS. That’s locally sourced salmon trout on the pictured pizza, by the way – not smoked salmon flown in from lands afar.


  • Mike says:

    I found a flier for Eat out the box at one of the petrol station stores a while back and though lets give them a try and have have been very impressed with them. Ordered a couple of times with them online and it worked perfectly. I have only ordered their burgers (pizza is next on the list) and they have been very impressive and great value. It is well worth giving them a try.

  • Cathy says:

    Interestingly enough we had a crap experience with them – they served pickled anchovies on the pizza (very basic and silly error) which rendered it inedible as the vinegar overpowered everything and their lasagne, whilst huge was a fairly tasteless gloopfest of too much cheap cheese and sweet-tasting tomato sauce. Good to hear you enjoyed it and I appreciate that it must be difficult for you to find takeaway if you don’t eat wheat, but I don’t think we will rush to try them again.

  • TheGreenery says:

    This is great! Especially for those who are keen to each healthier but lazy to look into it deeper!
    Thanks for this post! Will definitely give Eat Out The Box a try, and will blog about them too, get the green word out

  • Pia Taylor says:

    @Mike – glad you’ve had good experiences, too. I’ve got my eyes on their salads next…

    @Cathy – What a pity! I didn’t taste the lasagne, but my fella usually moans if there’s too much cheese (especially cheap cheese), and that certainly didn’t happen with his. Hopefully your experience is the exception rather than the norm…

    @TheGreenery – thanks for your comment. Yes, I don’t think take-out is something one should do all the time, but I love that there is an option for when you’ve just had enough of chopping vegetables yourself!

  • Jeannie says:

    I absolutely LOVE this place, drove past a few weeks ago and ran in for a menu and have tried them twice so far. Service is efficient and fast and with affordable prices and really great food I really hope they go far! I have really enjoyed both meals I have ordered and am very impressed, will be ordering again!

  • Nicole says:

    Hi Cathy, thank you for your comment. We appreciate and value customer feedback and am dissapointed to hear that your meal was not up to your expectations. We strive to produce top quality meals that are both tasty and healthy. We look forward to receiving your next order which we will ensure exceeds all your expectations and will hopefully convert you a loyal EATer!
    Kind regards, EAT OUT THE BOX

  • Diana says:

    Yum, Yum, Yum! Wow, what lovely food they make. I had their vegetarian and beef lasagne tonight and they were both AMAZING. Full of flavour and just the right consistency of cheese. Both portions were quite large so myself and my husband will be having leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I’m trying the pizzas next because all my friends have been raving about them. Go Eat Out The Box!

  • This looks really good! Definately want to check them out sometime. Just discovered your website, lots of great content!

  • Andrew says:

    “Who knew take away could be delicious, affordable AND earth-friendly?…” – hey all the best to you all, but please don’t confuse the selling of meat as anything to do with ‘Earth Friendly’. Regards!

  • Pia Taylor says:

    Hi Andrew. Well, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion on that one. In my view, we are all animals, and part of a chain. To say that it’s fine for some animals (carnivores and omnivores) to eat other animals, but not for others (human beings) doesn’t make sense to me. It’s natural for us to eat an omnivorous diet – we’re built for it. So, for me, eating or selling meat doesn’t automatically make someone non-‘Earth Friendly’. Eating factory-farmed animals or animal products is a no-no, on this I can be categorical, but free range and responsibly raised animals are, I believe, open for debate (I do fully understand that ‘free-range’ has its own set of degrees and compromises, by the way). Switching to vegetarianism doesn’t make you an instant earth-saint, though. As I’ve written before, unless you’re lucky enough to be eating only naturally-grown, totally local, totally seasonal produce, you’re still causing damage to the environment somewhere along the way, through pesticides, water-overuse, carbon footprint and so on. If you can truly say that your own meat-free diet and lifestyle is completely earth-friendly, then good for you – but it seems rather unlikely!

  • Saugé says:

    Just wanted to say how impressed I was with your website, the service and your delicious food. We will most certainly be ordering from you again. To add to that, my husband was blown away by the pizza with the figs on it and I loved the lamb burger, it was delicious. It is so nice that we can both order what we want from one place (my husband is a pizza lover and I would rather have burgers).

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